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Heating, Air Conditioning and Air Quality are the 3 most important factors our company concentrates on. Without these 3 things our clients are living in a situation that most people would find uncomfortable. It might be ok to get by for a day or 2 but any longer than that and it starts to become a real pain.

If you are going through this right now then let’s get you some help, it’s that easy. The steps you need to take are phone our number on the website above and have one of the technical team talk you through the likely problem. We will set up an appointment that suits you best. Then we send a trained and licensed technician to survey the issue. Once the tech identifies the issue they will work on fixing the problem with your permission if you are happy with the price quote.

If all of this sounds easy to you then let’s get going today and get an appointment set up asap to fix any issue you might have with the HVAC unit.


  • Heating repair solutions
  • Air conditioning repair solutions
  • Special commercial AC Repair
  • Fast residential AC repair
  • Sales and installation of products


May 16

Shirley Lilbourn

"I am pretty good at finding the best deal out there and these guys came out on top after all of my research. I decided to pick them to install my new system and I am more than happy I did"

Jul 10

Mitch Lewis

"Thank you Air Conditioning Studio City on a job well done, I will be the first to call you should I need any heating or air conditioning help in the future"

October 3

Victor. C

"If you want honest customer service then Air Conditioning Studio City is the company for you, no BS and straight to the point they are my type of people"

November 20

Miss W. Linfield

"It’s always nice to find a company you can really on in the future, and Air Conditioning Studio City have just made my phone book because of the level of service they provided me in repairing my heating and air conditioning system."